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Creative skill Enhancement

Creating their own product through coding gives them confidence and helps in the right brain development.

Logic Building

Coding helps students to solve problems in a logical manner and develops their analytical skills.

Digital career

From developing new age digital technologies (Like Apps, Web) to using Data Science or building modern instruments, every modern field requires coding.

Solid Foundation

Kids with early exposure to coding, build solid foundation which makes them easily understand difficult coding languages learnt in higher classes.

The world is going digital, and so are we. Parents in many developed nations are introducing coding to their kids as early as at the age of 6 years. The emphasis of the program “Coding for Kids” is to expose a child’s brain to both logical and creative side through Game, Web and App development which is of their interest.

Explore our Courses

Game Development - Scratch Platform

If you ever wanted to design a game but found programming too hard then you are looking at the right place. In this course, kids create their own animations, games & stories using Scratch Software. It is easy to learn and fun to create using easy to understand logic blocks.

Website Design - HTML5 & CSS3

Who says kids cannot create a website? Our Web Development course will give kids an in-depth knowledge about how to design, develop & maintain websites & also about different aspects of web designing including typography, color theory, layout, composition, imagery, etc.

APP Development - APP Inventor

Ever wondered how you can make daily life apps such as Calculator,Photo Gallery, Chat App, Google maps etc? Well, it’s simple. Kids don’t have to worry about long codes. We use block-based language which transforms the complex coding into visual based blocks.

Game Development - Python 3.7

How often have you thought about developing a game of your own? We at  Simply Digital offer you a course on game development which will help your child to develop a game of his own. Our game development team will help your child familiarise with the tools and practices of game development using the Python programming language with ease. Your child will be exposed to industry standard gaming tools which will help to make video games of their own.

Web Scripting - JavaScript

Javascript is something which is a standard Web scripting skill any kid interested in Computer science should be aware of.  As the saying goes, “ The first impression is the best impression”, Simply Digital specializes in developing the frontend of a website with full real-time interaction guided by an experienced and attentive teacher. As far as your kid is concerned we believe that that with a little help every child who wants to learn – can!

APP Development - Android Studio

If your child has had an ever ending quest of how facebook or Zomato works on your smartphone then we’ve got you covered. In this era of technological advancements, Simply Digital has made it simpler than ever to start off with App development. Our bootcamp for kids will improve your child’s analytical skills and scientific skills and also help them to put these skills into practice.

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Our Programs

After School Class

One of the most convenient ways to bring coding to your child is through the after school programs. We work with a number of schools and have successfully trained more than 200 kids who are confident to take high quality coding classes in the future.


Summer/Winter Camps and Workshops are a great way to try and learn new things and utilize your kids’ time with multiple weeks of coding fun! We have so far introduced coding to over 3000 students in various workshops and camps. So, come join the fun wagon.

Classes at Centre

Our classes have been designed by specialists from IIT Delhi & IIT Kanpur to utilize the latest in programming and learning methods. We have classes designed for 3rd – 9th graders to ensure that learning continues beyond the camps on a regular basis at our centre.

Parents Testimonials


Lalna Shewaramani

My children have really enjoyed the vacation. They don't want to go home. They wanted to be here. Simply Digital did a magical thing for them. There is lots of creativity, logical thinking and animated things. They wanted to show it all of their friends & cousins. They have really enjoyed it Looking forward for such kind of courses.


Ashima Suri

The best part about Simply Digital is the quality of Training they provided my daughter. They were super friendly and made her understand how to make an Android app in the simplest way possible. Now every day she comes home and talks about different problems which she can solve by creating an APP. I highly appreciate the whole team and encourage others to check out their platform.


Reetu Garhwal

The concept of creating a game of their own was presented in a very lively fashion. After the first day at their summer camp, he was filled with enthusiasm and he wanted to learn more. I’m really happy to see the change in him since he joined the ‘Coding for Kids’ Program.


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